About Us


We have been in the 4wd industry for over 10 years, and have 30+ years as 4wd enthusiasts under our belts.

On my first adventure to Cape York back in the 80’s I ended up with major engine problems. All due to a small crack in the radiator top tank in my beloved old Toyota BJ42 Landcruiser. I chalked up this problem resulting in a complete engine rebuild to being young and inexperienced. 

Then in 2012 towing the camper trailer while away on holidays a heater hose clamp came loose.  Having a lot more experienced now I noticed the problem on the dash temperature gauge almost immediately. It was showing 3/4 on the gauge and the warning light had not come on yet. We stopped, I tightened up the leaking hose clamp, topped up the radiator and went on our way thinking all was good and no damage could possibly have been caused.  How could it, I had caught it early, the temperature light hadn’t come on the dash to indicate a engine temperature problem yet.

A few weeks later we kept losing engine coolant intermittently. Upon investigation it was found that the Prado’s alloy heads are prone to major damage if heat stressed. The actual outcome was a cracked pre-combustion chamber no.3. What really annoyed me the most was it never even got hot enough for the dash light to come on. But now I had to pay for a new head as they cannot be machined, the injectors needed reconditioned due to the heat stress and labour, all up once again a very expensive lesson.

I swore to myself  “that this would never happen a 3rd time.”

After trialling a few units on the market it soon became apparent that none of these units could alert me to the the problems I had encountered. There was not a single unit out there that could effectively monitor my engines coolant system for both coolant level or temperature at the same time. Imagine not to be able to protect your engine from very expensive repairs and downtime, for me this was just simply unacceptable.

After several years of product development and with over 70,000 kms of both on and off road testing throughout our harsh Aussie climate, EngineSafe – Ultimate Engine Protection was born.

Now I can safely say it will never happen to me a again……what about you?