What is EngineSafe?

EngineSafe is the only monitoring system available which combines a Low Coolant Level Sensor with a Coolant Temperature Sensor in one easy to use monitoring system. 

This simple to install unit can assure you any coolant related issues are immediately detected before any expensive damage can occur.

Damage caused by coolant related problems occur for any number of reasons, but all these reasons can be split into just two categories:

Low Coolant Level – the worst condition. Especially if all the coolant has been lost when the vehicle has been idle for a period of time, usually occurring overnight. When the engine is started the temperature sensor will fail to function correctly.  Indicating a false lower temperature reading. These types of sensors must be in a liquid to provide accurate readings, otherwise they cannot function correctly.

For the driver usually the first sign something is wrong is a burning/oily smell or rough idle, at this point your engine has already suffered major damage involving high repair costs or requiring a new engine.

Coolant level is checked by using small AC signals to detect the presence of coolant through a sensor located in the coolant system. Using an AC system prevents electrolysis, unlike other similar DC systems on the market.

High Coolant Temperature – Has many causes, a slow coolant leak, blocked radiator, failed/worn water pump, overloaded engine, etc. Any of these problems can occur at any time, but usually more prevalent in hot weather when the coolant system is under higher stresses.

EngineSafe uses a high precision resistive temperature device (RTD) installed inside a probe. It is ideal for systems where repeatable accurate temperature measurement is critical. 

With an EngineSafe unit installed you can easily see at any point how the coolant system is coping with the current conditions. Sensor readings are taken at least four times per second, insuring the driver is alerted to any problems instantly via a LCD display, warning light and buzzer.

Most importantly an EngineSafe unit is the only system available which constantly monitors both sensors to protect your expensive engine.  

Combined with our optional “Bolt-On” Block Temperature sensor or the Automatic Transmission Temperature Sensor it makes the only complete unit of choice to protect your valuable vehicle.


Why do I need one?

As today’s manufacturers around the world strive to reduce their costs, one key area is by reducing material costs. Today’s engines are now made from lighter alloys and plastics which are more prone to either warpage or complete breakdown with abnormally high heat stresses.  

 Examples can be found with today’s modern heads, if they are heat stressed by a failing or failed cooling system then they must be replaced as they can no longer be machined. This is at great cost to the owner.  EngineSafe eliminates this problem by alerting the driver to the problem as it is occurring. 

Now there’s no longer a need to keep a constant eye on those inaccurate dash gauges anymore!